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Brian Willis

Trump Administration Cover Up Is Further Proof That Coal Bailouts Scheme is Unnecessary


Late Friday afternoon, Bloomberg News reported that the Trump administration is covering up a report commissioned by the Department of Energy that disputes the administration's rationalization for planning to force electricity customers and taxpayers to pay tens of billions of dollars to bailout uneconomic coal plants heading for retirement.

In response, Mary Anne Hitt, Senior Director of Sierra Club's Beyond Coal campaign, released the following statement:

"The Trump administration is covering up this report because it makes clear that there is no good reason to force people to pay tens of billions of dollars to bail out uneconomic coal plants. Facts are the enemy of the Trump administration and its coal bailout scheme, so instead of letting the truth be known, they are trying to bury it. It won't work. The public, energy experts, and utilities have already made it clear that the bailout would be destructive and is unnecessary. Clean, cheaper energy resources like solar and wind are replacing dirty, expensive fuels. Clean energy is what the public wants and what the market demands, and that's the direction we will continue to move in spite of this transparent ploy by the Trump Administration to hand out favors to their campaign donors."

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