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Green Party Facebook Telethon to Support Midterm Candidates



The Green Party Coordinated Campaign Committee is hosting the first national Green Wave Telethon for midterm candidates on the Green Party's Facebook page.

Green Party midterm candidates (partial lineup below subject to change)

Green Wave Fundraising Telethon for the Coordinated Campaign Committee

Live interviews on Aug. 18 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. EDT with taped segments through Aug.
19 at 12:00 pm


The telethon, hosted by 2004 Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb, Philena Farley, and Erin Fox, is intended to raise awareness about candidates currently running for office and to raise money for the Coordinated Campaign Committee's candidate fund.

"The Green Party is a people-powered movement," said Holly Hart, Co-chairperson of the Coordinated Campaign Committee.

"We want voters to know the Green Party doesn't take donations from corporations, political action committees, or special interests. Therefore, we are not beholden to big money interests and their wealthy backers," said Hart. "Instead, we are people-powered and rely on the individual contributions of voters to fund our candidates' campaigns. We are funded by the people and that's who our candidates will answer to when in office."

The telethon will feature LIVE interviews from Green Party candidates, including Howie Hawkins, Andrew Saturn, Ian Schlakman, and Sherry Wells. Dozens of Green candidates and supporters from across the country, including Constance Gadell-Newton, Elijah Manley, Kenneth Mejia, and Laura Wells, will appear by video.

"It's important for voters to realize that the Green Party is running a diverse slate of great candidates for offices at every level, all across America," stated Erin Fox, Co-chairperson of the Coordinated Campaign Committee and one of the telethon's hosts.

"The Green Party is proud of the efforts that our candidates are making across the nation to introduce voters to Green Party values. We are a political movement that puts people and planet first and that's reflected in our slate of excellent candidates running for office nationwide," Fox continued. "We urge voters to tune in to the telethon and learn more about the most progressive political candidates in the country. Greens are prepared to bring about changes that the average voter has been seeking and our candidates want to represent the will of all voters, not just the elite few in our society. On behalf of the CCC and all of our candidates, we hope that viewers will tune in to watch. We need as many voters as possible to get engaged and become a part of this movement for real political change."


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