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'No to Trump, No to War' National Tour


Donald Trump is scheduled to visit the UK from 12th to 14th July and we are determined to protest wherever he goes. Today, the Stop the War Coalition has announced a series of national rallies and meetings on the theme of 'No to Trump, No to War' to help build the national demonstration against Trump in London in July.

There are many reasons to oppose Donald Trump's visit to Britain - his attitude to women, his racism against Muslims, his defence of barbaric guns laws in the US, his building of a wall to keep Mexicans out. But it's his foreign policy, which is taking an increasingly dangerous turn.

Trump's decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem has massively increased the tensions throughout the Middle East. He has also scrapped the Iran nuclear deal, which was heralded as a success in reducing the ability of Iran to develop nuclear weapons. And now proposed talks between the US and North Korea appear in jeopardy because of Trump's gung-ho approach.

The news that the UK government is sending 600 extra troops to Afghanistan in response to a request from Donald Trump will lead to more instability and the escalation of war. Today, the world stands on the brink of even greater turmoil - and much of the cause of this lies in the Trump White House with support from Theresa May.

Lindsey German, Stop the War Coalition Convenor said:

"Opposition to war means opposition to Trump, and there are many reasons to oppose Donald Trumps visit to Britain.

"The Stop the War Coalition is holding a series of rallies and meetings around the country to put the case for peace and against war. We want to use these meetings as a launch to mobilise as many people as possible to demonstrate.

"There will be huge demonstration when he visits, and that this will send a signal to him and to our government that people in this country are no longer willing to support a foreign policy which is making the world a more dangerous place."

Full details of the tour can be found here.

Stop the War was founded in September 2001 in the weeks following 9/11, when George W. Bush announced the "war on terror". Stop the War has since been dedicated to preventing and ending the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere. Stop the War opposes the British establishment's disastrous addiction to war and its squandering of public resources on militarism. We have initiated many campaigns around these issues.

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