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Congresswoman Lee Leads Letter Demanding Long-Term Military Strategy from President Trump


Today, Congresswoman Barbara Lee led 20 of her Democratic colleagues in sending a letter to President Donald Trump asking him to present a long-term national security strategy to Congress. Given the recent U.S.-led bombing against the Assad regime in Syria, as well as heightened military engagement in the Middle East and Africa, the Members of Congress urged President Trump to brief Congress and the American public on his plans to address the ongoing and emerging conflicts in the world.

As the 21 lawmakers note in the letter, "We believe that it would be irresponsible to lurch from crisis to crisis; making ad hoc decisions, especially involving securing Congressional approval, in advance, for decisions that will adversely affect our nation's fiscal matters, our international partners, and our brave service members."

The letter also highlights the concerning change in policy at the Department of Defense regarding the reporting of troop numbers and movements in Iraq and Syria. The letter adds, "we see this as a dangerous new precedent that seeks to dismantle our Nation's tradition of this transparency and accountability."

The full text of the letter is available here.

Congresswoman Barbara Lee, a Democrat, represents the 13th District in California.