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Hundreds of Fast Food Workers Rallied at McD's New HQ, Protest to Culminate at Massive Rally

Earlier this morning fast food workers and community gathered in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood for a mock groundbreaking ceremony and press conference at the new location of McDonald’s Headquarters. Wearing hard hats and construction vests, workers and community leaders spoke out, sharing their visions of what the “new” McDonald’s needs to be.

“We need a McDonald’s that pays us a living wage”, said Ashley Bruce, a Fight for $15 leader and McDonald’s worker of 4 years. “We need $15 an hour to sustain our families. We can’t keep trying to make ends meet like this. This is not working for us. We deserve to live. We’re barely making it on $10.50 an hour.”

Signs that read “Pays $15” “Says no to Sexual Harassment”, “Pays Its Taxes”, “Sustainable Practices”, and “Union Rights” were staked into the ground of the future headquarters to serve as reminders to McDonald’s what workers and community demands are.

“My vision of McDonald’s is one that respects women, and is an ally in the fight to end gender violence” said Sheerine Alemzadeh, of Healing to Action & Coalition Against Workplace Sexual Violence. “McDonald’s would use its enormous power as the second largest employer in the world to create industry wide norms that promote dignity for all workers, regardless of their gender.”

Workers were also joined by other community partners and politicians who were able to speak about the new vision for McDonald's.

“If McDonald’s wants to open up their new HQ in Chicago they better pay their taxes” said 35th Ward Alderman, Carlos Rosa. “McDonald’s thinks they can go across the world and not pay their taxes.If McDonald's wants to have an HQ in Chicago, they also need to pay a living wage. It’s wrong that they reap billions of dollars and workers still have the use the Link card.”

The ceremony ended with a blessing from local clergy,  a symbolic ribbon cutting and chanting.

The day will culminate in a massive march that will start at Daley Plaza at 4:00 PM and continue to Trump Tower and Rock N’ Roll McDonald’s.

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Fast food workers are coming together all over the country to fight for $15 an hour and the right to form a union without retaliation. We work for corporations that are making tremendous profits, but do not pay employees enough to support our families and to cover basic needs like food, health care, rent and transportation.

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