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Trump Diverts Attention From Massive Conflicts of Interests, Wall Street Takeover of Washington

WASHINGTON - Today, President-elect Donald Trump held his first formal news conference since July 27, 2016. In response, LeeAnn Hall and George Goehl, co-directors of People’s Action, a national grassroots advocacy organization, issued the following statement:

“Mr. Trump likes to point fingers but fails to take responsibility. At his first news conference since July 27, Trump did everything he could to divert attention from the conflicts of interest posed by his extensive business entanglements.

“Mr. Trump won the presidency by railing against Goldman Sachs, but his senior staff picks already suggest that he’s putting Wall Street and the financial elite in charge of Washington. Today’s news conference did nothing to suggest a change of course.”

“Handing off management of the Trump Organization to his children, who are also acting as his political advisors, does nothing to mitigate potential conflicts. And the American people shouldn’t have to trust Trump’s tax attorney; they should be able to examine his tax returns directly.

“Trump may put a populist gloss on his agenda, but everything he’s doing suggests that he plans to make government work for billionaires, instead of everyday people. Congressional leaders should not be taken in by Trump’s Trojan horse, and should not normalize an agenda that is anything but normal.”


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