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President Obama Must Step in to Stop the Violence Against Water Protectors at Standing Rock


Last night, militarized law enforcement injured over 160 water protectors, including three elders, at the Standing Rock encampments. Police used tear gas, a long range acoustic device (LRAD), rubber bullets, concussion grenades, and water cannons in 25 degree weather against the protectors. The police response came as water protectors looked to clear two burnt and damaged military trucks from Highway 1806 to improve access to the camp for emergency services.

In response to the continued violence shown by law enforcement toward water protectors, Greenpeace spokesperson Mary Sweeters said:

"The violent scenes at Standing Rock last night were nothing short of horrific. It is clear that the militarized police response has completely disregarded the protection of human life. Law enforcement put people's lives in danger last night as water protectors attempted to clear a path for emergency services to reach the camp. President Obama must step in to stop the pipeline and end the violence immediately. This is about standing up for Indigenous people's rights and sovereignty. This is about ensuring Standing Rock's survival by protecting its water supply and land. It is time to do the right thing before more damage is done."

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