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Climate Movement Heads to Philly

  Mobilization Unites Diverse Activist Groups to Call for a Clean Energy Revolution


Thousands of activists will hit the streets of Philadelphia on July 24 for the March for a Clean Energy Revolution, a mobilization that will bring together environmentalists and anti-fracking activists with anti-war, indigenous and labor and immigrants' rights groups.

The march, endorsed by over 700 groups across the country,calls for a ban on fracking and a halt to the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure projects. March organizers also demand swift action to invest in clean energy and a just transition for workers in the fossil fuel industry.

The mobilization includes women's' health advocates like Breast Cancer Action, anti-war groups from around the region, faith groups and farmworkers' advocates (CATA: The Farmworkers Support Committee), and indigenous groups like the RamapoughLunaape Nation inNew Jersey. The march will also be the endpoint of a cross-country caravan of indigenous storytellers and elders on the Protect Our Public Lands Tour, which will highlight the dangers of fracking and fossil fuel extraction projects.

Many of these issues have been particularly relevant in the national political debate over the past few weeks. The Democratic Party Platform Committee's failure to callfor a ban on fracking has motivated many activists to put more pressure on party leadership. To drive home that point, on July 12 Food & Water Watch activists placed fake feces under 19 donkey statues on display around Philadelphia to promote the convention, along with messages saying that the fracking failure was "crap."

The march kicks off at noon at City Hall on July 24, and heads towards Independence Hall.

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