Civil Rights Group Releases New Video to Honor Black Lives Lost

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Civil Rights Group Releases New Video to Honor Black Lives Lost

NEW YORK - It has been 77 years since civil rights activist and poet Langston Hughes wrote his chilling poem “Kids Who Die” which illuminates the horrors of lynchings during the Jim Crow era. Now, Hughes’ vivid poetry is being featured in a three minute video created by Frank Chi and Terrance Green.

This new video narrated by Danny Glover not only describes the horrors of the past but also shines a light on America’s current policing crisis that is claiming that lives of many Black women, men, and children.  

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This August is a time for honoring the many lives that we’ve lost. It is also a time for nurturing the spirit of resistance and using our voices to speak out against the rampant anti-Black state violence.

August 9th is a big day for the movement, said Rashad Robinson, Executive Director of Many of us will wrestle with the weight of what this day really means. It represents the day in which Michael Brown, a young 18 year old boy was killed by Officer Darren Wilson. It also symbolizes the incredible volition and power of the people of Ferguson and the birthing of another movement centered on Black lives.  But it also shows how the brutal assault of Black people did not end with the Jim Crow era, it has only shifted and adapted to take on a new form of oppression and violence that has manifested in rampant killing of Black people at the hands of the state.”


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