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More than 10,000 MoveOn Members Submit Testimony to the FCC Demanding the Commission Support Net Neutrality


This morning, in advance of a scheduled May 15 hearing, more than 10,000 members submitted stories and comments to the Federal Communications Commision demanding that it support Net Neutrality.

The MoveOn members explained how they would be personally harmed if giant corporations like Comcast and Verizon are allowed to choose to allow some content to travel faster than other content, and can sell access to the information superhighway to the highest bidder.

The story sharing and comment submission is part of a broader campaign MoveOn members are running to protect the open Internet. Ever since FCC Chair Tom Wheeler announced two weeks ago that he was considering rules that would undermine Net Neutrality, MoveOn members have been signing petitions and making phone calls to the FCC, White House, and members of Congress to demand that the FCC uphold President Obama's promise to protect Net Neutrality.


"I have personally reinvented myself in order to provide for my children while staying at home with them while they're young. I would not have been able to do so without the internet. I have prospected, I have connected with people around the world. I have personally launched a campaign to find my missing sister of 33 years. I have been contacted by people worldwide to sell goods based on my internet reputation, built from the ground-up. I have appeared on Food Network's Chopped, likely as a result of a well-timed email, and a personal blog I created. All of this is very important to me. What ever happened to the breakup of Ma Bell? If we don't learn from the past, we're doomed to repeat it -- please. Come to your senses. History will replay itself if you let this happen," explained Maureen Sanchez, a member and software developer from Oswego, Illinois, in her testimony filed with the FCC.

"Without the open internet, I would not have been able to easily communicate with my husband when he was deployed to Iraq. This lifeline between military and their families is so important, and the services we use to communicate -- instant messaging, social media, video chat and streaming, and email could possibly be restricted by allowing these companies to determine the speed, content, and cost to limit these connections. It also would be prohibitive for startup companies offering new ways to communicate and connect online. We value the new services these creative companies provide. Without it, military members worldwide wouldn't be able to connect face to face, stream home movies, share photos, and keep in touch with loved ones. Service members also rely on open internet to attend online college courses, which is so important for reentry into the civilian world and advancement within the service. Please keep America moving forward by allowing an even playing field for communication, education, and entrepreneurship online," added Allison Breaux, a member and military spouse from Lafayette, Louisiana.

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