Labor Day 2013: Remembering Workplace Rights Were Won, Not Given

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Labor Day 2013: Remembering Workplace Rights Were Won, Not Given

‘Enjoy the Holiday, Be Thankful for the Contributions of Organized Labor to Our Quality of Life’

Madison - The following are the statements of One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross on Labor Day 2013:

“On Labor Day 2013, we commemorate the contributions and sacrifices of generations of hard working men and women who came before us to win the workplace rights and benefits we so often take for granted today.

“Make no mistake, rights and benefits in the workplace were not given, they were won through the struggle of brave men and women committed to social and economic justice.

“We’ve seen up close in Wisconsin how decades of hard won progress can be snatched from us in an instant by politicians who pledge their allegiance to the wealthy and special interests funding their campaigns instead of the middle class and working families.

“We encourage everyone to enjoy the holiday with friends and families, but also take a moment today to remember and be thankful for the contributions of organized labor to our quality of life.

“Whether you’re a union member or not, young or old, a worker or a student we can all build a better future standing together against those seeking to ‘divide and conquer’ to further their own political ambitions.”



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