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Campaign for America's Future Joins 60 Organizations and Visionaries in Releasing 'Dream of A Nation'

A collection designed to encourage bold action to fix America’s pressing problems


Campaign for America's Future is joining 60 organizations and visionaries in launching an effort to elevate awareness and inspire action around some of the most pressing economic, social, and environmental issues of our time. Today, this ad hoc working group is releasing a book called Dream of a Nation, which is designed to encourage bold solutions and to quicken the pace of change.

Campaign for America's Future's chapter in Dream of the Nation is called "Make it in America," and in it we offer solutions to revitalize American manufacturing, including: Rebuilding infrastructure, and using government purchasing power to buy American made goods. Robert Borosage, co-director of the Campaign for America's Future said, "The United States will not thrive in the 21st century unless we lift our economic infrastructure up to 21st century standards, and we can do it with American works and parts made in America."

The "Make it in America" chapter, authored by Eric Lotke, former Research Director for the Campaign for America's Future, also includes facts like, "Other countries make choices that work to their advantage. China exports more than 95 percent of its solar energy products to the U.S. and to Europe - but China requires that at least 80 percent of the equipment in its own solar power plants and 70 percent of its wind turbines be made in China."

In addition to the Campaign for America's Future, more than 60 thinkers and civil society organizations are participating in the project organized by Seed Innovation, including Alice Walker, Al Gore, and organizations including the Union Of Concerned Scientists, Bipartisan Bridge, Common Cause, Free Press, Veterans For Peace and more than 50 others. Dream of a Nation explores how to rebuild the economy, strengthen community, remove money from politics, re-establish more media integrity, revitalize education, and diminish poverty, wage peace and much more.

In reference to the project Alice Walker writes, "The most important thing humanity can do is believe in itself. That we can grow, we can change, we can rouse ourselves in time to make big changes happen. Dream of a Nation encourages movement in this direction. It offers hundreds of ideas and examples of how smart, committed, and daring we can be."

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New article by Eric Lotke, former research director of Campaign for America's Future: The Dream that Drives the Occupations:

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