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The People Vs. Paul Ryan

NEW YORK - The budget debate in Washington is heating up right now. But the media debate is still way too narrow.

According to the New York Times (6/8/11), the slow pace of the economic recovery is "giving rise to calls especially from liberals to limit the size of immediate spending cuts or even to provide an additional fiscal stimulus."  

But the budget discussion in the major media is still mostly about cuts. Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan's budget plan received enormous attention from the Beltway media when it was announced in April.

And the media's Ryan fixation isn't fading. He's scheduled to appear on CBS's Face the Nation this Sunday.

There's more to the budget debate than Paul Ryan. The People's Budget from the Congressional Progressive Caucus calls for higher taxes on the wealthy, cuts in military spending and a tax on Wall Street speculation. A new Pew poll (6/7/11) shows that these ideas are broadly popular with the American public.  

But the People's Budget is almost nowhere to be found in the media. In fact, we can't find any mention of the People's Budget on the broadcast networks or the PBS NewsHour. Media love to talk about the budget--why won't they talk about the plan that's most aligned with popular opinion?

Add your voice to FAIR's People's Budget petition today. And share it with your friends and family.

Next week we'll take it to the networks--and demand some answers.

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Sign FAIR's petition to the corporate media:

TV news lavishes attention on Paul Ryan's budget plan, based on "fishy figures," that would slash Medicare and cut taxes for the wealthy. Meanwhile, the People's Budget, which would balance the budget in 10 years with taxes on the wealthy and cuts in military spending--a plan much more aligned with public opinion--hasn't been mentioned on the network newscasts. If the budget deficit is really as important as the Beltway media make it out to be, then it's time they broaden the discussion to include the People's Budget.


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