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John Rumpler, 617-747-4306,
Heather Emmert, 504-861-4427,
Kimberly Larson, 206-388-8674,

Gumbo For Gulf Events Offer Way to Respond to Disaster

Concerned Citizens in 28 States to Hold Fundraisers To Generate Support for the Gulf

WASHINGTON - As we hit Day 60 of the Gulf Disaster, citizens across the country launched an
effort called Gumbo for the Gulf  - hosting over 150 houseparty fundraisers (to
date) to benefit Environment America’s effort to address
BP’s oil spill and prevent future ones. 

Renowned New Orleans chefs
Susan Spicer and John Besh spiced up the effort by lending gumbo recipes.  Chef
and author Anthony Bourdain will soon record a video to promote the effort.

WHEN:  Starting the week of June 14th,

WHERE:  See attached map -  More than 150 locations in 28 states including: New Orleans,
Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Washington, D.C., Boston and New York City.  Media
interested in attending local events should contact Environment America for
more details. 

WHO:  Concerned citizens gathering to lend
support to Environment America.  Environment
is a federation of state-based,
citizen-funded environmental advocacy organizations.

WHY:   The Gulf oil spill is the
biggest environmental disaster in U.S. history.  Gumbo for the Gulf
presents an opportunity for citizens across the country to show their
solidarity with the people of the Gulf region, raise awareness about the
disaster, and raise funds to help Gulf families and to support Environment
America.  Environment America is working to permanently protect our shores from
new oil drilling.  See the Gumbo for the Gulf logo at
for more information.

houseparty organizers and attendees cooking, eating gumbo and signing
petitions; viewing of Gulf disaster video by actress Amy Smart;
kids coloring pictures of Louisiana’s state bird the Brown Pelican. 
Hosts will upload pictures of their events to


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