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Extreme Anti-Choice Measure Voted Down in Senate


The Senate today voted down a restrictive anti-choice amendment to
health care reform legislation. The amendment, which would have
prohibited health insurance plans that participate in the new exchange
from providing full reproductive health benefits to millions of
American women, was modeled on language in the House bill proposed by
Representatives Bart Stupak and Joseph Pitts.

"The Senate was right to turn down this extremely restrictive
language," said Michael B. Keegan, President of People For the American
Way. "One of the principles for reform laid out by President Obama was
that if you like your health care, you'll be able to keep it. This
amendment would have done the opposite. Millions of women who already
have comprehensive reproductive health care would have lost it. Today's
vote is a strong signal that anti-choice language has no place in this

"The language of the Stupak Amendment is outrageous," said Kathleen
Turner, board member of the affiliated People For the American Way
Foundation. "I'm glad that the Senate stood up so powerfully to
right-wing activists who want to hold health care reform hostage. But
this is just the first hurdle. Anti-choice leaders are working hard to
restrict women's health care options. Everyone who cares about health
care reform and reproductive freedom should continue pushing their
elected officials to oppose restrictive anti-choice language in the
health care bill."

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