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Limbaugh Fumbles for Response to Accusations of Racial Insensitivity

Radio host's "colorblind" claim at odds with long history of racially charged comments


Today, after conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh responded to critics of his bid to purchase the St.
Louis Rams who have stated that he is "insensitive"
about race by claiming that he is "colorblind" and "treat[s]
everyone equally," Media Matters for
released research documenting more than two dozen examples
of Limbaugh making racially charged
or race-baiting remarks.

"Rush Limbaugh's claim that he is colorblind is clearly contradicted by his
long history of offensive, racially charged statements,"
Eric Burns, President of Media Matters.
"If he is blind to anything, it's his own record."


Since was reported that Limbaugh was
seeking to buy the NFL's St. Louis Rams, the NFL
, the executive
director of the NFL
players' union
, and a host of NFL players
and sports journalists
have come forward
to criticize Limbaugh's
bid, citing his history of "divisive comments" and "flat-out
racist" statements.

October 12, Limbaugh responded to critics by claiming that he is
"colorblind," "treat[s] everybody equally" and that he
"doesn't see [President Obama] as black," but rather as
"president of the United
States." As Media Matters' research documents, there are at least
28 examples of Limbaugh making racially charged remarks, including:

For more
information, please see:

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