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Nation's Largest Antiwar Coalition Calls for Rapid and Total End to U.S. Occupation of Iraq


Iraqis celebrating the first symbolic benchmark of a U.S. troop
withdrawal this week, United For Peace and Justice, the country's largest
antiwar coalition, is encouraged by these first steps but calls for a
rapid and total end to the U.S. war and occupation.

McPhearson, the UFPJ National Co-Chair, says, "As a Gulf War veteran, I
understand how the military works. U.S. military officials have
described how combat troops will be 're-missioned' as 'trainers', so
that they can continue operations in Iraq's cities and towns in a
different guise."

road for the U.S. military out of Iraq remains much too long, and UFPJ
has urged its Member Groups and supporters to call the White House and
the Congress to let them know that continued occupation cannot solve
the problems facing Iraq -- and in fact, the presence of U.S. troops
exacerbates the problems.

Times magazine has reported on the frantic construction and expansion
of U.S. military bases just outside municipal borders, so that combat
troops can sleep outside the major cities, thus fulfilling the SOFA's
obligations, but still conduct combat operations during the day.

continues, "The job of the peace movement is to keep Iraq in the public
eye, maintain and strengthen our relationships with allies in the
economic and social justice movements to build a broad front of
resistance to war, and continue our call for the rapid and complete
withdrawal of all U.S. troops and contractors, as each SOFA benchmark

the latest poll of Iraqis finding that 73% want the U.S. to leave and
with U.S. defense costs exploding because of the war and occupation, we
look forward to the day when we can celebrate with Iraqis a true
victory: a complete end to the U.S. war and occupation of Iraq and the
restoration of Iraq to Iraqis.

United for Peace and Justice was founded, in 2003, to build a coalition of local and national peace and justice organizations to prevent the War on Iraq. The conflicts raging around the world today make it clear that the need to work for peace remains more important than ever. That is why UFPJ reorganized, in 2008, as a network and now operates with an all-volunteer Coordinating Committee, supported by one part-time staff member who assists with UFPJ action alerts, campaigns, and organizing. They meet weekly to manage the ongoing communication and administrative requirements of the network.