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Kucinich on Iraq Troop Withdrawal: You Can’t be In and Out at the Same Time

WASHINGTON - Congressman
Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), who led the effort in the House of
Representatives against the war in Iraq as far back as 2002, today made
the following statement after President Obama announced that the combat
mission in Iraq will end by August 31, 2010.   The President also
indicated that between 35-50,000 troops will remain in Iraq to advise
and train Iraqi security forces and protect American civilian and
military personal.

support President Obama for taking a step in the right direction in
Iraq, but I do not think that his plan goes far enough. You cannot
leave combat troops in a foreign country to conduct combat operations
and call it the end of the war.  You can't be in and out at the same

must determine at some point to end the occupation, close the bases and
bring the troops home. We must bring a conclusion to this sorry chapter
in American history where war was waged under false pretense against an
innocent people. Taking troops out of Iraq should not mean more troops
available for deployment in other operations.

February of 2007 I presented H.R. 1234, legislation that would end the
war in Iraq, and the process I outlined is still necessary. We should
immediately bring home American service members and contractors,
convene a regional conference to prepare an international peace-keeping
force and accelerate Iraq-driven reconstruction."

Kucinich led opposition to the Joint Resolution on Iraq, known as the
Iraq war resolution, beginning in 2002, and has consistently opposed
funding the ongoing war.  

View Kucinich's 2002 analysis of the Joint Resolution on Iraq here.

View H.R. 1234 here.


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