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Israel's Loyalty Oath


As of February of this year, Israel was brought to the spotlight as
elections were held in the country. For a state which prides itself on
being democratic, Israel's recent brush with the right has galvanized
audiences all around the democratic world.

It is not surprising that Lieberman's home-land party with its
motto of "no loyalty no citizenship" received only 15 seats, rather
what is worth noting is that had elections been held elsewhere
Lieberman's party would have been liquidated. However in Israel, the
other parties fought over who would ally themselves with him first.

What is to be made of the new Israeli elections, and for that of
what is the future of Israel's Arab-Palestinian population? Is Israel's
democracy turning into an ethnocracy? Is there a grand plan for a more
ethnically pure Israeli state; and for that what is the stance of
leading democratic countries? If Israel does turn further right, will
people strive for the centre?

The Real News Network's Paul Jay chats with Daniel Levy head of Middle East task force for the New America Foundation.

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