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Obama and Gaza


In our 3rd part of our interview with journalist Eric Margolis The Real News discussed the degree of support by Egypt, the PA and other Arab governments for Israel's destruction of Hamas.

Margolis says because "Hamas is regarded by the U.S. backed governments in the Middle East as a dire threat" that much of the support for it's destruction is a result of fear by these oligarchical nations. "Hamas is coming along with a revolutionary message, aire the wealth, we'll take care of the people....stand up against Israel, stop licking the hands of the Americans" a message that is met with staunch opposition by these U.S. backed Arab dictator led nations.

With the end of the Bush administration and the beginning of the Obama administration only a few days away Margolis feels that "this is Bushes last act... I think Bush gave the green light for this Israeli attack. I think this was planned."

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