Plundering the Congo

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Plundering the Congo

Wayne Madsen: Congo has fallen prey to a lot of people that want to loot its natural resources

WASHINGTON - The Real News spoke to investigative journalist and author Wayne Madsen
to discuss the underlying causes for the conflict in the Democratic
Republic of Congo.

According to Madsen the U.S. is instrumental in the ongoing crisis in
Congo, "what we have are US clients basically at the root of the
problems in the Congo".  The U.S. approach has been to place pro
American leaders within the region thus giving them the ability to
create internal political turmoil, he says "it's much easier to loot a
country when it has a destabilized government and various waring
factions."  He notes that the result of the U.S. strong hold over
political leaders is that Congo has become a "playing ground for
unscrupulous multi-national corporations that are linked to various
intelligence agencies"

Ultimately the first world nations are the ones who profit from this
situation, unfortunately the citizens of Congo and it's surrounding area
have, as Madsen puts it "fallen pray to a lot of people who basically
just want to loot it's natural resources"

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Plundering the Congo



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