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Bolivia's Morales Faces Opposition Governors

Latin American leaders support Morales as talks begin in Bolivia between Morales and opposition governors


Bolivian president Evo Morales and opposition governors held talks on
Thursday in attempt to defuse the country's growing political crisis.
Tensions remain high and the two sides regard each other with deep

" We can't say much at this point. We all come with great hope of
being able to reach that social agreement, something that we have
always supported. The national dialogue has lost its value," stated the
autonomist governor Rueben Costas of Province Santa Cruz.

Earlier this week in an unprecedented share of support Alliance of
South American Nations UNASUR issued a unanimous declaration of support
for the Morales Government condemning the autonomous initiative to make
Bolivia ungovernable.

The autonomists oppose any equitable redistribution of land and
natural resources, and are demanding Morales cancel a referendum on a
new constitution that would give Bolivia's indigenous majority more
power, and allow him to run for a second term. Over the last few days
at least 30 people have been killed.

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