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Call For Action On Climate Change

Initiative to pressure Canadian federal government for stronger laws to combat climate change


This Wednesday, a new initiative to put climate change on the Canadian
governments front burner was launched in Toronto. Power Up Canada has
been in the works for months and is led by Canadians for Climate
Leadership. This group is made up of leaders in academia, science,
business and the environment. The key players are Nova Scotia
Businessman John Roy and Executive Director Tzeporah Berman.

Berman during her speech says" The global warming is getting worse
and Canada's emissions today are projected to rise and not to fall. It
is so important to do what we can in our daily lives. It is simply not
ok that Canada has some of the weakest laws in the world, in fact the
second weakest climate laws of any industrialized country in the

PowerUp intend to pressure the federal government of any stripe, to
do much more to deal with climate change. They demand that the
government look at some of the best practices around the world and meet
them right away.

The campaign seems to have struck a chord with Canadians, on the first day,
had so many hits that it crashed their website. The theme of the launch
was "Changed your light bulbs? Now lets change the laws."

Steven Guilbeault of Equiterre says "Kyoto was adopted in 1997 and
here we are in 2008 and Canada still has no climate change to speak of,
so what PowerUp is trying to do is to make sure that whoever the next
government is and what ever their political orientations are they have
taken clear commitments to tackle climate change and they get on with
their job.

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