Sanders Says Campaign 'Just Beginning' as Clinton Wins South Carolina

More than 10,000 turned out to see Bernie Sanders speak in Austin, Texas on Saturday. (Photo: AP)

Sanders Says Campaign 'Just Beginning' as Clinton Wins South Carolina

'Now it’s on to Super Tuesday.'

The race is far from over, Bernie Sanders told his supporters on Saturday night, after news outlets projected a big win for Hillary Clinton in the South Carolina Democratic primary.

"Let me be clear on one thing tonight," Sanders said in a statement just after 7 pm EST. "This campaign is just beginning. We won a decisive victory in New Hampshire. She won a decisive victory in South Carolina. Now it's on to Super Tuesday. In just three days, Democrats in 11 states will pick 10 times more pledged delegates on one day than were selected in the four early states so far in this campaign. Our grassroots political revolution is growing state by state, and we won't stop now."

As of 7:30 pm, according to CBS News:

CBSreported high turnout among African Americans, who overwhelmingly backed Clinton. According to CBS exit polling, "more than 86 percent of black women and 79 percent of black men supported her over Sanders."

Of that particular margin of victory, Jane Sanders, Bernie Sanders' wife, told the Guardian: "I think we're getting a lot better [at reaching African Americans voters], it's just that they didn't know us. They didn't know us in the south generally."

But as the Associated Press pointed out, it "bodes well for Clinton headed into Super Tuesday contests across the South, where several states are home to large populations of black voters."

There's something in the air...

Eleven states hold Democratic primaries or caucuses on Tuesday, March 1, and the stakes are high for Sanders. The U.S. senator from Vermont "needs something to change because frankly he's losing," Harry Enten wrote at FiveThirtyEight on Saturday.

Among those states is Texas, where Sanders spoke to a "mega-rally" of 10,000 people on Saturday and highlighted his ability to beat GOP frontrunner Donald Trump in the general election.

"I believe that Donald Trump's idea of dividing us up is a horrific un-American idea," Sanders told the outdoor rally in Austin. "I believe that not only can we win this Democratic nominating process, but we can defeat Trump and defeat him soundly."

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