Andrea Germanos, staff writer
The Nebraska National Guard prepares to carry out an air rescue near Arlington.
A "bomb cyclone" storm along with warm temperatures contributed to still-unfolding disaster
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
stop the pipeline
Indigenous and environmental groups as well as locals landowners celebrated the...
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
NE landowners
"This is a huge win for the landowners and Tribal Nation members whose water...


A dispiriting new study from non-post-racial America shows over half of all toddlers suspended from the country's pre-K programs are black - wait, toddlers are suspended from pre-school? - though they make up just 18% of kids in those programs, suggesting the famed “school-to-prison pipeline” begins so early some of its victims are still in diapers. Earlier research has also revealed a "fourth grade failure syndrome" wherein black male students begin to lag in school as teachers increasingly...