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As Pandemic Rages, Trump CFPB Plows Ahead With Rules 'Empowering Predatory Lenders to Rip Off Vulnerable Consumers'

"CFPB is continuing a deregulatory, anti-transparency, anti-accountability, anti-consumer protection rulemaking agenda, even in the face of Covid-19."

Jake Johnson ·

Steadily Gaining Ground in Polls, Elizabeth Warren Embraces Wall Street Fear of Her Campaign

"The Warren campaign should play this clip everywhere," one supporter said of two CNBC anchors saying executives feel the progressive candidate "has got to be stopped"

Julia Conley ·

New Report Shows Trump's 'Tough on Crime' Stance Doesn't Extend to 'Lawbreaking Corporations'

"Trump, who once asserted that he was 'not going to let Wall Street get away with murder,' now is allowing industry after industry to get away with just about anything."

Jessica Corbett ·

Siding With 'Loan Sharks' Over Consumers, Trump CFPB Moves to Gut Payday Lender Regulations

"This administration has moved the CFPB away from protecting consumers to protecting the very companies abusing them."

Jake Johnson ·

In Ohio, A Key Test for Politicians Willing to Challenge Corporate Power

If Cordray’s message of economic Populism and Progressivism prevails in this election, it will show not only the Democratic Party but the Nation that fighting for the people against entrenched corporate power is a winning strategy and the future of the Republic.

Carl J. Mayer ·

Rebuking Trump CFPB for Only Serving Nation's "Most Powerful Financial Companies," Student Loan Watchdog Resigns

"The bureau's new political leadership has repeatedly undercut and undermined career CFPB staff working to secure relief for consumers."

Jessica Corbett ·

In Fiery Exchange, Warren Tells Trump Nominee Kathy Kraninger Her Role in Cruel Child Detention 'a Moral Stain That Will Follow You for the Rest of Your Life'

"And if the Senate votes to give a big promotion to you after this," the Massachusetts senator said, "then it is a stain on the senators who do so."

Jessica Corbett ·

Trump Administration War on CFPB Is Bad News for Communities of Color

"In gutting the CFPB and corrupting its mission, the Trump Administration disregards struggling families, and how the 2008 crisis brought our economy to its knees."

Sharon Velasquez ·

Did Trump's Pick for Consumer Agency Help 'Lock Immigrant Children Up in Cages'? Senators Demand Answers

Kathy Kraninger, the president's pick to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, "helps oversee the agencies that are ripping kids from their parents," Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown observed

Jake Johnson ·

Outrage After White House Vows New CFPB Nominee Will Continue Mulvaney's Efforts to Gut Agency

Critics say the Senate should "immediately move to hold confirmation hearings and vote to reject this wholly unqualified candidate." 

Jessica Corbett ·

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