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Neoliberalism Is Dead—But the Neoliberal Elite Didn’t Get the Memo

At a time when neoliberalism is all but dead, Democrats and the corporate media are pushing Joe Biden, a neoliberal with a track record of supporting corporations and financial interests above the people's interests

John Atcheson ·

'Animal Fur Is Obsolete': Lawmakers Push Bills to Ban Sale of Animal Fur in California, Hawaii, and New York City

"This is a clear global movement away from the use of animal furs, especially among the world’s most respected brands and retailers."

Michael Sainato ·

Will the U.S. Start a War Against Iran?

Trump—with Bolton and Pence—seek to provoke a war. These are dangerous men with a dangerous agenda.

Vijay Prashad ·

A Trump-Linked Super PAC Is Trying to Push Europe’s Voters to the Far Right

An undercover investigation by openDemocracy reveals “explosive” evidence of “extraordinary coordination” between a controversial Madrid campaign group and far-right parties across Europe.

Adam Ramsay ·

'This Is Their Land': Indigenous Activists Protest Bolsonaro's Environmental Policies in Brazil

"It was very difficult for us, our ancestors, to win these rights and little by little they are decreasing."

Eoin Higgins ·

EU and UN Security Council Members Rebuke Trump's Recognition of Israeli Sovereignty Over Golan Heights

"This unilateral action does nothing to assist in finding a long-term peaceful solution to the conflict in the Middle East."

Jessica Corbett ·

Trump-Linked Christian Fundamentalists Are Pouring Dark Money Into Europe, Boosting the Far Right

The rise of far-right movements in Europe aligns with a significant increase over the last five years in spending by Christian groups here in the United States

Claire Provost ·

Let’s Change Europe From the Ground Up

The DiEM25 manifesto proposes immediate financial changes within the existing structures of the EU, to end austerity and fund a green, and hopefully post-capitalist, future. It operates across the continent.

Yanis Varoufakis ·

Now Is the Time to Think Big on Voting

A decade ago, automatic voter registration seemed ambitious, and today it's reality. What might be the next transformative reform?

Zachary Roth ·

'Extremely Concerned' World Leaders and Experts Implore Trump and Putin to Preserve Nuclear Treaty

Alongside warnings withdrawal from INF would be "stupid and reckless," one signatory to open letter said conflict "should be resolved through the treaty, not by abandoning it."

Jessica Corbett ·

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