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Omar Baddar,
Darcey Rakestraw,

Whistleblowers Aren’t Political Pawns

Last night the House Minority Judiciary committee led by Ranking Member Jerry Nadler released a minority report, "GOP Witnesses: What Their Disclosures Indicate About the State of the Republican Investigations." In response, Lisa Gilbert, Executive Vice President of Public Citizen, released the following statement:

"The report shows that the first three witnesses the House majority referred to as ‘whistleblowers’ have offered little knowledge of broken laws or wrongdoing. Instead, they have trafficked in conspiracy theories about the insurrection and even more shockingly, received financial support from close allies to former President Trump. Pay-to-play theatrics have no place in serious oversight.

“Legitimate whistleblowers must be protected, and these witnesses are clearly not legitimate. Whistleblowers are brave employees of conscience who disclose information they think shows violations of law, abuses of authority, or specific dangers to public health and safety. Disagreements with policy or management decisions alone are not protected whistleblowing speech, and this trio of witnesses are not objectively defined whistleblowers."

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