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Stevie O’Hanlon:

Sunrise Movement Calls Thousands of Wisconsin Voters for Ceasefire

Sunrise Movement has continued its support for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza by calling youth voters in the lead up to the April 2nd primary in Wisconsin. This follows mobilization by Sunrise volunteers in Michigan and other states with uncommitted on the ballot.

This effort for voters to vote uninstructed in Wisconsin is the latest effort by progressives to show the Biden administration that its current leadership on Gaza is out of touch with the Democratic Party’s base.

“Biden’s best chance to succeed in November is by supporting an immediate and permanent ceasefire and ending unconditional military aid to the Israeli government, " said Michele Wiendling, Political Director of Sunrise Movement. “The president is hemorrhaging the support of young voters by aiding in the destruction of people’s lives and homes in Gaza. If President Biden wants to defeat Trump, he must listen to young people, people of color, and the working class who put him in office in 2020 and immediately change course.”

This follows direct actions that young people have taken including at Biden’s 2024 campaign headquarters where Sunrise members demanded the president finance “climate not genocide” and interrupted fundraisers demanding more climate action.

“Gaza is a climate voter issue. Sunrise Movement is fighting for clean air, drinkable water, and safe communities. We believe the people of Palestine deserve that too. There has been more emissions produced by US financed bombs in Gaza than the emissions of 20 small countries. We need Biden to fight for peace so that we can collectively fight for more climate wins in the future.” said Aru Shiney-Ajay, Executive Director of Sunrise Movement.

Sunrise Movement is a movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process.