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Peter Hart,

Massive Carbon Pipeline Canceled

Huge grassroots opposition sinks Navigator carbon capture scam

Today, the developers behind the massive Navigator carbon pipeline announced that they were canceling the project.

The Heartland Greenway was to be a 1,300-mile pipeline spanning parts of South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois. Grassroots opposition to these projects has been intense, with farmers, landowners and environmentalists raising questions about their feasibility and safety.

In response to this news, Food & Water Watch Managing Director of Organizing Emily Wurth released the following statement:

“While the federal government keeps trying to waste billions of dollars to promote these massive carbon pipelines, grassroots organizing is winning the fight to stop these egregious handouts to corporate polluters. These carbon pipelines will not reduce emissions – they are dangerous, wasteful schemes to prolong and expand polluting industries. Instead of throwing away money supporting polluters, the government should invest in proven clean energy solutions, not carbon capture pipe dreams.”

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