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MAGA Majority on Record: YES to Extreme, Harmful Cuts Against Average Americans to Protect Billionaire Tax Breaks

The extreme MAGA House Majority finally agreed on what harmful economic random demands to make as they threaten to manufacture a catastrophic default crisis and needlessly push the economy into a deep recession. And it’s nothing but a nightmare for millions of American veterans, seniors, children and workers. The MAGA majority is now on record endorsing painful cuts aimed at Americans of all walks of life — while they went out of their way to protect wealthy tax cheats and leave in place wasteful Trump tax breaks for their billionaire donors and big corporations that profiteer and offshore American jobs. “

The MAGA House majority demands everyday Americans, from veterans to seniors to children, brace for harmful cuts while they protect every cent of the debt-ballooning Trump tax breaks for billionaires and corporations. House Republicans even lined up to gut resources needed to crack down on wealthy tax cheats, a foolhardy move that actually adds over $100 billion to the debt. MAGA extremists insist millions of Americans give up health and food security, good paying manufacturing jobs, and public safety at the same time they shamelessly propose trillions more in new tax giveaways for big corporations that never trickle down to anyone else and fuel the deficit. The MAGA Majority offers nothing but a lose-lose proposition: harmful cuts that leave everyday Americans worse off – or a default crisis that crashes the economy, disrupts Social Security checks and skyrockets interest rates on car loans and mortgages. That’s no choice – that’s MAGA economic sabotage.”

Kyle Herrig, president of Accountable.US.

Every House Republican that voted for the MAGA default plan today now must answer for specific cuts that:

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