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Linda Benesch,

Democrats Must Raise the Debt Limit This Year to Protect Social Security from Republicans


The following is a statement from Alex Lawson, Executive Director of Social Security Works, in response to Senator John Thune (R-SD), saying that Republicans plan to use the debt limit to force cuts to Social Security and other programs:

"John Thune is the second highest ranking Senate Republican. His remarks make it clearer than ever that taking the global economy hostage to force cuts to Social Security is the unified position of the Republican Party in both the House and Senate.

Democrats can't allow Republicans to force them into choosing between an economic catastrophe and cutting the American people's hard earned Social Security benefits. Voters elected Democrats to protect Social Security, and now it's time for them to keep that promise by raising or eliminating the debt limit before the end of the year.

We won't accept any excuses of it being procedurally hard, or time being short. None of that matters, Democrats must do whatever it takes to defeat Republican attacks on our earned Social Security benefits."

Social Security Works' mission is to: Protect and improve the economic security of disadvantaged and at-risk populations; Safeguard the economic security of those dependent, now or in the future, on Social Security; and Maintain Social Security as a vehicle of social justice.