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Linda Benesch,

Kevin McCarthy Says He Will Cut Social Security and Medicare If He Becomes Speaker. Believe Him!


The following is a statement from Alex Lawson, Executive Director of Social Security Works, in response to Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy laying out his plans to use next year's debt limit deadline to force cuts to Social Security and Medicare:

"Over and over again, Republicans are telling us their #1 priority if they gain control of Congress: Cut, privatize, and ultimately destroy the American people's earned Social Security and Medicare benefits.

The latest Republican to spell out these plans? Kevin McCarthy, who leads House Republicans and is likely the next Speaker of the House if Republicans win a majority.

McCarthy and his caucus are so hostile to Social Security and Medicare that even right before their election, they can't stop talking about their plans to force benefit cuts -- with the global economy as a hostage.

The future of Social Security and Medicare is on the ballot this November. Democrats are united in support of protecting and expanding benefits. Republicans, led by Kevin McCarthy, are united in a plot to reach into our pockets and steal our money."

Social Security Works' mission is to: Protect and improve the economic security of disadvantaged and at-risk populations; Safeguard the economic security of those dependent, now or in the future, on Social Security; and Maintain Social Security as a vehicle of social justice.