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Biden Commits Federal Government to 100% Zero Emission Vehicle Purchases by 2035

Following historic electrification investments, the Biden administration takes an important next step for clean transportation.


President Joe Biden issued an executive order on Wednesday that sets new sustainability targets for the federal government. Among other goals, the executive order directs the federal government to purchase 100% zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) by 2035 for its fleet of over 600,000 cars and trucks, with an interim goal of 100% ZEVs for light-duty vehicle purchases by 2027. The order also sets the target of 100% carbon pollution-free electricity for the federal government by 2030 and net-zero emissions from buildings by 2045.

This commitment follows historic electrification and renewable energy investments made by Congress and the Biden administration earlier this year. Last month, President Biden signed into law the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which allocates $7.5 billion to create a national electric vehicle (EV) charging network. The Senate is now considering the Build Back Better Act, which would extend and expand clean energy tax credits. If passed, the bill would also provide $6 billion to electrify the United States Postal Service and $3 billion for fleet electrification through the General Services Administration.

For years, Environment America and PIRG have been advocating to cut greenhouse gas emissions emissions by calling for all new car sales to be 100% electric by 2035 and working to get states to commit to 100% renewable energy

In response, experts from Environment America and PIRG issued the following statements:

"Today, the White House is leading by example. Transportation is currently the number one source of global warming emissions in the United States, and it is crucial the federal government does everything it can to cut these emissions off at the source." said Environment America Global Warming Solutions Associate Eve Lukens-Day. "From deadly heat waves to record-breaking flooding, the United States is already feeling the severe impacts of climate change. To curb this crisis, we need all levels of government, from federal to local, to commit to transitioning to clean zero emissions vehicles. The Biden administration's commitment to 100% zero-emission vehicles for the federal government is driving us in the right direction."

"The Biden administration's commitment to 100% electric federal vehicles is essential to reach America's clean air and climate goals. Making the transition to zero-emission federal fleets sets a powerful precedent that will help our nation protect our public health and environment," said PIRG Transportation Associate Mac Dressman. "By replacing the government's dirty diesel and gasoline vehicles with electric models, the Biden administration is helping to put the United States on the road to clean air."

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