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Michael Neuwirth
Chief Communications Officer, ASBC

Filibuster Reform Needed More Than Ever to Avert Politics As Usual


The disappointing misuse of the filibuster in the Senate again today underscores the urgent need to reform the rules by which government operates. The fact that the filibuster was used to sidestep voting on an issue as central to democracy as voting rights underscores its importance to the survival of our country, upon which citizen involvement in voting was a founding premise.

"Restricting the right of eligible citizens to vote erodes our democracy on which business depends for fair and just application of the rules governing free markets," said Thomas Oppel, Executive Vice President of the American Sustainable Business Council. "Congress has a duty, under section 1 of the Constitution, to protect the people's right to vote and the current filibuster laws are interfering with this duty. We must amend the filibuster now."

ASBC and SVC call for the Senate to amend its filibuster rules to allow passage of federal voting rights legislation. In support of President Biden's commitment to voting rights and the fight to protect our democracy, we also reaffirm our support for the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.

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