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Sunrise Movement Responds to Amazon Unionization Vote: Amazon Used Jim Crow Style Tactics, PRO Act Must Be Passed


Today, in response to the Amazon unionization vote in Bessemer, Alabama, Ellen Sciales, Press Secretary of the Sunrise Movement, released the following statement:

"After weeks of Amazon egregiously intimidating and gaslighting its workers, Sunrise Movement stands with the RWDSU in objecting to this vote, and demands the PRO Act is passed and workers are treated the way they deserve. It's clear that in a power grab, Amazon employed illegal and deceptive actions to manipulate and hijack the vote.

"Throughout this process, we've seen a pattern by Amazon that is eerily reminiscent of Jim Crow era voter intimidation tactics. They're deceiving their employees and illegally interfering in this union vote because they're scared of the power of people, and know working people are so close to taking power back from corporate executives. Despite this roadblock, we are a force and the people will persevere.

"Coming out of this pandemic, we've seen that executives like Jeff Bezos made a fortune while working people suffered. As this happened communities stepped up to support each other, providing kindness and mutual aid. Now as we reflect on this past year, people everywhere will continue to organize, but are demanding their government starts doing its part to support them by standing up to exploitative companies like Amazon and passing the PRO Act.

"This vote is a stark reminder that the PRO Act must be prioritized and passed immediately. The PRO Act would increase penalties for illegal intimidation and retaliation and other union-busting by companies like Amazon, while making it easier for more workers to join a union. The PRO Act is essential in our vision of a Green New Deal and a core part of Sunrise's Good Jobs for All campaign - for the federal government to guarantee meaningful work to all and ensure workplaces empower and protect workers. If Biden and Congress are serious about strengthening labor and uplifting everyday people, they'll follow through on their promises and do everything in their power to pass the PRO Act immediately."

Sunrise Movement is a movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process.