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Student Action on Student Debt Cancellation: We Need More


Student Action released the following statements from Program Director Adiel Pollydore and Iowa Student Action Lead Organizer Denise Cheeseman on the resolution introduced in Congress last week that calls on President Biden to forgive $50,000 of federal student loan debt per borrower through executive action:

"We applaud champions in Congress like Senator Warren and Reps. Omar and Pressley who are working alongside us to push President Biden to cancel debt," Student Action Program Director Adiel Pollydore said. "Though we have come far from his campaign promise, this should be the floor, not the ceiling. We look forward to Biden heeding these calls and taking bold action to create our vision of making college a financial reality for anyone who wants to attend."

"Cancelling my debt will help me now, but it won't help another student in 10 years," Iowa Student Action Lead Organizer Denise Cheeseman said. "Debt doesn't accrue in a vacuum, and bandage fixes won't solve structural problems. That's why we need to cancel all student debt and ensure everyone can go to college for free."