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New Rule Makes It Harder for EPA To Fight Air Pollution and Climate Change

'Sabotage' of new administration’s efforts to protect public health.

With just over 40 days left in office, on Wednesday the Trump administration finalized a rule making it harder for the Environmental Protection Agency to enact clean air standards that protect public health and address the climate crisis.

Outgoing EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler announced changes to the Clean Air Act that dramatically alter the way the agency calculates the cost and benefits of policies to reduce air pollution. The changes mean that when the EPA evaluates proposed clean air standards, it must consider all costs to affected industries – but discount many of the public health benefits, such as lowering the risks of respiratory illnesses, immune system damage and early deaths, and reducing the greenhouse gas pollution that causes global warming.

“For four years, this administration has waged war on public health by kowtowing to polluters,” said EWG President Ken Cook. “Now, on the way out the door, this amounts to sabotaging the efforts of the incoming administration to protect Americans from dirty air.”

The new rule will almost certainly face court challenges and immediate efforts by the Biden administration to overturn it. But Cook said those efforts will take time and waste resources that could be spent advancing one of President-elect Joe Biden’s top priorities – curbing climate-disrupting air pollution.

“It will literally be a breath of fresh air to soon have a president and an EPA working each day to make Americans and the planet healthier and safe,” said Cook. “But Administrator Wheeler and President Trump are hellbent on making that job as difficult as possible.” 


The Environmental Working Group is a community 30 million strong, working to protect our environmental health by changing industry standards.

Jayapal Says Corporate-Friendly No Labels Shows 'True Colors' by Undermining Jan. 6 Investigation

"To malign the January 6 Committee as a 'partisan exercise' is a dangerous message for the American public and our democracy—one that deeply undermines the committee's work and denies the truth about the Republican Party."

Brett Wilkins ·

As End of Roe Looms, US Doctors Say 'Abortion Is Essential Healthcare'

"Although ACOG's long-standing abortion policy supported safe, legal, evidence-based abortion care, the current reproductive health crisis calls for revisions which make it unmistakably clear that ACOG trusts doctors and patients," said the group.

Julia Conley ·

Biaggi to Primary 'Selfish Corporate Democrat' Sean Patrick Maloney in NY

The New York state senator says she's running "to protect and defend our democracy, to halt the climate crisis, to grow our supply of affordable housing, and to transform our government and economy to serve us all."

Andrea Germanos ·

'Not About Nostalgia': Poor People's Campaign Marches in Memphis Ahead of DC Gathering

"It's been 54 years since the sanitation worker's march," said Bishop William J. Barber II, "and right here in Memphis they still don't have union rights."

Kenny Stancil ·

Greenhouse Gases Trapped Nearly 50% More Heat Last Year Than in 1990: NOAA

"Getting hot in here," said one climate campaigner. "Gotta get congressmen and senators to do more midday outdoor events in their dark suits."

Jessica Corbett ·

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