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Iowa Results Show Widespread Enthusiam for Green New Deal


After entrance polling at caucus sites across Iowa showed that more than 30% of caucusgoers participated for the first time, showed climate change to be the second most important issue on their minds, and that youth share of caucusgoers has risen by 33% relative to 2016, Sunrise Movement issued the following statement:

"We don't yet know everything that happened last night -- but we do know this: there is a broad, widespread mandate for the Green New Deal, and Iowans turned out in force last night to make sure presidential candidates don't forget it. We're particularly proud of the historic levels of turnout among young people who caucused last night, many of whom were brought into the movement by our efforts to engage them in college classes and high school gyms across the state. The level of youth turnout and concern about climate change in the Iowa entrance polls is incredible. It's a major mark of success for our Iowa team's work these past 6 months. They got 7,000 young people to pledge to vote for the Green New Deal, organized hundreds of volunteers, and canvassed thousands of people across the state.

Young people turned out in historic numbers because our generation knows what's at stake in this election, and this is a sign of what's to come. If this many young people participated in the notoriously time-intensive Iowa caucuses, we can expect even higher youth turnout in New Hampshire and on Super Tuesday. Which is another way of saying Joe Biden should be worried."

Sunrise Movement is a movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process.