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Inslee Raises the Bar, Recognizes the Imperative of a Fossil Fuel Production Phase-Out


Today, Washington Governor and presidential candidate Jay Inslee released his latest climate plan, entitled 'Freedom from Fossil Fuels,' focused on ending fossil fuel handouts and ramping down fossil fuel production, infrastructure, and exports in the United States in line with climate science and a just transition for workers and communities. In response, David Turnbull, Strategic Communications Director with Oil Change U.S., released the following statement:

"Governor Inslee's 'Freedom from Fossil Fuels' plan is yet another barn burner that should put both the fossil fuel industry and other candidates on notice. With action to end handouts to fossil fuels and rein in the out-of-control expansion of oil and gas in the United States, this plan shows what real climate leadership looks like, plain and simple. By addressing fossil fuel production at home, Inslee has added an essential piece to the puzzle of a comprehensive climate policy.

"The U.S. is poised for a massive oil and gas expansion that would make achieving our climate goals basically impossible if left unchecked. Governor Inslee's plan is the first we've seen that truly acknowledges this emergency and proposes critical steps to turn it back. With an end to fossil fuel subsidies and other handouts to the industry and a stop to new pipelines and other fossil fuel infrastructure, we can begin the critical task of a managed phase-out of fossil fuel production in the United States with a just transition for workers and communities.

"This plan will undoubtedly be attacked by the fossil fuel industry and its friends in government, and we applaud Governor Inslee for his courage in facing these attacks head on. We challenge other candidates to choose a side -- are you with communities standing up to fossil fuels and workers demanding real protections, or are with you with the Big Oil billionaires maintaining a climate-destroying status quo? Governor Inslee has shown he's unafraid to stand with the people, and we expect the full Democratic field to join him.

"With the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge now a consensus position in the Democratic field and candidates lining up to say no to fossil fuel subsidies and new drilling on public lands, we are beginning to see the kind of real climate leadership we so desperately need. The Democratic Party must endorse a climate debate so candidates can dive into the differences and similarities in their plans to confront the climate crisis. Only then will we see who else is willing to put forward plans that stand up to the fossil fuel industry with the kind of courage Governor Inslee has shown today."

Oil Change International is a research, communications, and advocacy organization focused on exposing the true costs of fossil fuels and facilitating the ongoing transition to clean energy.

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