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Middle East Experts Praise Senate Vote on Pulling U.S.-Support for Saudi-Led War in Yemen

National Iranian American Council says administration’s fearmongering on Iran was rejected


Statement from Jamal Abdi, President of the National Iranian American Council, a leading voice for the Iranian-American community and expert on US-Iranian relations:

"Because the U.S. has provided a blank check for Saudi Arabia against Iran, the Yemeni people have been subjected to an unconscionable bombing and starvation campaign. Thankfully, the Trump administration's demonization of Iran in defense of Mohammed bin Salman's disastrous war was sharply rebuked today in a 63-37 vote. Peace advocates across the country deserve tremendous credit for the hard work to make this vote possible.

"Legislators are beginning to act on the hypocrisy undergirding America's position in the Middle East. Both Saudi Arabia and Iran commit abuses against their own people and contribute to instability across the region. Unfortunately, Trump lavishes arms sales on Saudi Arabia and defends their crimes, while using any excuse to pummel the Iranian people with more sanctions. We need to move away from this unbalanced relationship that has empowered reactionary elements in each regime and fanned the flames of instability. The Senate can take an important step in this direction next week when it votes on S.J. Res. 54."

Earlier this month, the National Iranian American Council issued a report which outlined how a return to the Iran nuclear deal - also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) - would help signal to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia that Donald Trump's blank check for their increasingly brazen behavior is at an end.


NIAC Action is the grassroots, civic action organization committed to advancing peace and championing the priorities of the Iranian-American community. We are a nonpartisan nonprofit and the 501(c)4 sister organization of the National Iranian American Council, which works to strengthen the Iranian-American community and promote greater understanding between the American and Iranian people.