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A Green New Deal Must Center Communities, Stop the Expansion of Oil, Gas and Coal

Congress must say “no” to false solutions like Exxon-backed carbon tax bill


Greenpeace USA supports incoming Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's proposal for a Select Committee on A Green New Deal and calls on Congress to support this proposal and solidify urgent action to curb the climate crisis. Today, Greenpeace joins The Sunrise Movement in a Day of Action pressuring Congress to take A Green New Deal seriously and define it as a top priority for the new U.S. House of Representatives leadership.

Greenpeace USA Climate Director Janet Redman said,

"The United States has lost nearly a decade on making significant political progress on climate change. Our new leaders in Congress need to make up for lost time. Heart-wrenching evidence emerges almost daily of the urgent need for climate solutions that meet the scale of the looming crisis. Devastating fires in California, unstoppable hurricanes on our coasts, and historic flooding in the South are forever changing the lives of people across this country.

"The fossil fuel industry spent millions to defeat green ballot initiatives in Washington and Colorado. It will no doubt try to defeat, delay or dilute any strong climate, energy or infrastructure legislation making its way through the new Congress. False solutions like a weak, Exxon-backed carbon tax bill are already circulating on Capitol Hill. A Green New Deal must have impacted communities at its center and leave companies like Exxon permanently on the bench.

"Effective Green New Deal legislation must include the following:

  • A path to a sustainable economy that runs on 100% renewable energy, decarbonizing our electricity, transportation, industrial and building sectors.
  • Sufficient funding to ensure a just transition for affected workers and a just recovery for communities impacted by climate change.
  • 21st Century energy policies that halt the expansion of new oil, gas, and coal infrastructure, and begin the phase out of fossil fuels extraction consistent with the urgent calls for emission reductions made in the recent IPCC Special Report.

People voted for climate leaders across the United States on November 6th, but casting a ballot was just the beginning. Taking part in the Day of Action for a Green New Deal is the next most important step to demand real climate leadership from our elected representatives, but it won't be our last."

Greenpeace is a global, independent campaigning organization that uses peaceful protest and creative communication to expose global environmental problems and promote solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future.

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