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Amnesty International's Raqqa Report Is Proof the US-Led Coalition Is Out of Control


Amnesty International's report into the US-led Coalition's bombardment of Raqqa unveils the shameful truth of yet another brutal bombing campaign in the Middle East. Unfortunately, the devastating account of the campaign comes as little surprise to anyone familiar with the 'kill first, question later' tactics that are repeatedly used by the US and its major allies.

The report documents harrowing tales of lethal force being used with almost no regard for civilian life. A boast from Army Sgt. Major. John Wayne Troxell that a marine battalion "fired more rounds in five months in Raqqa, Syria, than any other Marine artillery battalion, or any Marine or Army battalion, since the Vietnam war" demonstrates a casual approach to such ferocious bombing.

A Stop the War Spokesperson said: 'We have always rejected the British government argument that no civilian casualties had been caused by the bombing. Claims that Coalition forces did enough to minimise civilian harm were always to be met with scepticism and this report is confirmation of our worst fears. The scale of the brutality in Raqqa proves that the US-led Coalition, of which Britain is a senior partner, is out of control."

"To destroy a city whilst engaging in indiscriminate killing can never be justified. To have carried out such a bombardment and failed to even attempt any reconstruction is shameful. Theresa May has serious questions to answer as why British troops and a are being used to carry out such wanton destruction".

Stop the War was founded in September 2001 in the weeks following 9/11, when George W. Bush announced the "war on terror". Stop the War has since been dedicated to preventing and ending the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere. Stop the War opposes the British establishment's disastrous addiction to war and its squandering of public resources on militarism. We have initiated many campaigns around these issues.

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