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Fight for the Future Applauds California Net Neutrality Bill, Which Would Provide the Most Comprehensive Protections in the US

New bill would ensure over 39 million Californians have protections as strong as those repealed by the FCC late last year.


This morning California State Senator Scott Wiener introduced California Senate Bill 822, which would ensure Californians enjoy net neutrality protections as strong as those repealed by the Republican-controlled Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in December. The bill, which is being commended by experts, ensures that Internet service providers (ISPs) operating in the state of California will be prohibited from blocking content, slowing certain sites or services, or charging new fees for users and companies to reach audiences online. It also bans harmful "zero rating" practices that benefit large incumbent companies while harming innovation.

Responding to this morning's news, Evan Greer, Deputy Director for Fight for the Future (pronouns she/her) had this to say:

"It's amazing to see more and more states join the fight for net neutrality, and help fill the massive hole left by the FCC's reckless repeal. Today's news from California shows that constituents in the country's most populous state are deeply concerned about the loss of real net neutrality protections. The fact that state lawmakers have drafted such comprehensive net neutrality protections should send a strong signal to members of Congress who will soon vote on a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to block the FCC's December repeal.

Momentum is growing for net neutrality, as California joins the ranks of states like Montana, Washington, and over a dozen others currently debating what can be done to prevent their residents from ISPs blocking, throttling, and charging them new fees. Internet users and businesses cannot afford to be left unprotected while Congress decides what they're going to do about the FCC's deeply unpopular repeal. Thankfully states like California are stepping up, but Congress needs to follow suit and support the CRA to restore protections for all."

Below are resources containing more information on California Senate Bill 822 and other state level-initiatives:

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