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Trump Unveils Plan to Open Nearly All of U.S. Offshore Waters to Drilling

Statement by Wenonah Hauter, Executive Director, Food & Water Watch.


"Today, the Trump administration released its plan to open up huge swathes of protected ocean areas to drilling. This is not only bad news for the oceans and our coastal communities--it's a disaster for the climate. At a time when we need to put the brakes on fossil fuel development, Trump continues to double down on dirty energy. What's more, he aims to repeal rules enacted after the Deepwater Horizon explosion to prevent future drilling accidents. Opening up our oceans to deregulated drilling is dangerous on so many levels."

"The science shows that we must move off fossil fuels to avert climate catastrophe, and we are already feeling the effects of a warming planet. The next 10 years will be critical. Fortunately, we have leaders in Congressand at the state level who are taking the climate threat seriously, committing to a true clean energy by 2035, even as the Trump administration continues to prioritize fossil fuel industry profits."

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