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Expert Availability: Gov. Christie to Announce Initial Findings of Commission Tackling Drug Addiction


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was scheduled yesterday to release the initial findings of his task force on opioid addiction. The recommendations are expected to focus on cutting down on unnecessary medical use of opiates and other measures designed to prevent addiction.

The task force, called the "President's Commission on Combatting Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis," was created by executive order on March 29. Recommendations today will likely echo comments Christie made when the panel was first announced, where he called addiction "a disease that can be treated." He added: "No life is irredeemable."

His comments and the reported focus of yesterday's recommendations are a stark contrast to tactics the Administration has taken elsewhere when it comes to drugs. Earlier this year, Attorney General Jeff Sessions directed federal prosecutors to pursue longer, tougher sentences in federal drug cases. The Justice Department is also expected to change polices to stiffen enforcement of other drugs, including marijuana.

The Brennan Center analyzed these and other expected changes in Sen. Jeff Sessions' Record on Criminal Justice and Criminal Justice in President Trump's First 100 Days.

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