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Thousands of Constituents to Join 'Resistance Recess' At Town Halls Nationwide

More than 200 actions are planned nationwide at Congressional town halls and at “constituent town halls” where elected officials won’t hold meetings.

As Congress takes its first recess of the Trump presidency, thousands of constituents nationwide will join the "Resistance Recess," a nationwide week of action with more than 200 events taking place at elected officials' town halls and public appearances, or at self-organized "constituent town halls" in districts where Congressional leaders are refusing to hold face-to-face meetings.

Nationwide, constituents are demanding answers from members of Congress to questions around Trump's dangerous agenda--from whether they'll pledge to protect and improve health care (instead of stripping it from millions of Americans) to how they will stop the unconstitutional actions of the White House, including the Muslim ban.

Constituents are also demanding Democrats lead a full-on resistance to Trump's agenda--fighting for an immediate, independent investigation into Trump's ties to Russia, rejecting his Supreme Court nominee, working to overturn his racist and xenophobic attacks on immigrants, and using every available tool to block his toxic agenda that would bankrupt our nation and divide our communities for the benefit of billionaires and corporations.

WHAT: "Resistance Recess" actions nationwide outside Congressional town halls, meet and greets - and at "constituent town halls" where elected officials are refusing public meetings.

WHEN/WHERE: Feb. 18-26, 2017, nationwide. Find local actions at

RSVP: Please email to confirm attendance or for more details.

The Resistance Recess is a grassroots movement being supporting by Civic Action and several partners, including DailyKos.

The actions are focused on ensuring Republican leaders understand the majority of Americans oppose Trump's agenda, and on ensuring Democrats understand that progressives demand full-on resistance to his agenda. According to reports, more than 200 Republican members of Congress aren't holding public events during this recess.

"Next week's recess is our biggest opportunity yet to make sure that Republicans who side with Trump are held accountable and that Democrats understand that using every single tool at their disposal to block Trump's toxic agenda is not just justified, but absolutely necessary for our democracy--and our most cherished values--to survive the Trump era," said Organizing Director Victoria Kaplan.

"Mount Krakatoa didn't have as much energy as the grassroots eruption set off by Donald Trump," said Washington Director Ben Wikler. "Voters are thronging the streets, flooding Capitol Hill phone lines, and, next week, they'll be packing into every town hall event in the country. And the resistance is working. Democrats are showing spine, voting in unprecedented numbers against extremist and unqualified cabinet nominees Meanwhile, Republicans who had planned to repeal the Affordable Care Act by January 20 are now in total disarray. And leaders in both parties are starting to recognize that Trump and his team's actions on national security, especially with regard to Russia, are dangerous, potentially unconstitutional, and in urgent need of public investigation."

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