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Report Finds 63 Million Americans Endangered by Chlorine Bleach Plants

New report on chlorine bleach plants across the country finds 86 facilities continue to needlessly use huge quantities of highly toxic chlorine gas, in spite of the availability of safer alternatives.


Today, Greenpeace released a new report on the hazards posed by chlorine bleach plants across the United States. According to findings, 86 facilities continue to needlessly use huge quantities of chlorine gas in their manufacturing process and endanger more than 63 million people living in nearby areas.

"In spite of the evident risks and availability of safer alternatives, our latest report on the industry shows that some chlorine bleach manufacturers continue to use chlorine gas, putting almost one in every five Americans in danger of a potential release from a substance so toxic it has been used as a chemical weapon in the past" said Rick Hind, Legislative Director at Greenpeace.

The hazard goes beyond the use of the chlorine gas in the manufacturing process, as chlorine bleach manufacturers frequently ship and receive their supply in 90-ton rail cars vulnerable to accidents and acts of sabotage.

"Every day, rail cars crisscross the country delivering hundreds of tons of chlorine gas and endangering the communities through which they travel. Just one of such rail car can put much of an entire city in danger" concluded Hind.

To read the full "Chlorine Bleach Plants Needlessly Endanger Millions" report, including recommendations to reduce the storage, transport, and use of chlorine gas click here or copy the following link into your browser:

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