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Today, "The Day We Fight Back" Goes Global


Good governance groups, transparency organizations and accountability advocates around the world are protesting mass surveillance today, February 11: the Day We Fight Back. The Whistleblowers International Network (WIN) is distributing the protest message below, drafted by the Government Accountability Project in the United States, for individuals to use as an email signature.

This communication may be unlawfully collected and stored in secret by national security agencies around the world including the National Security Agency (NSA). The parties to this email do not consent to this nor to the retrieving or storing of this communication and any related metadata, as well as printing, copying, re-transmitting, disseminating, or otherwise using it. If you believe you have received this communication in error, please delete it immediately.

Currently, the statement is available in English, Dutch, German and Afrikaans. The privacy statement in other languages will be added to the website, as they are submitted throughout the day.

In the U.K., this global day of action against mass surveillance is already well underway. The Open Rights Group, Liberty, English PEN, Privacy International, Article 19 and Big Brother Watch are coming together and have launched Don't Spy on Us.

Citizens around the world are telling their governments, surveillance agencies and private corporations engaged in spying that they object strenuously to this intrusion into their private lives.

GAP champions government and corporate accountability and transparency by defending whistleblowers and advancing occupational free speech. Since its founding in 1977, GAP has helped in the effective exercise of conscience of over 5,000 whistleblowers.

The Government Accountability Project (GAP) is a 30-year-old nonprofit public interest group that promotes government and corporate accountability by advancing occupational free speech, defending whistleblowers, and empowering citizen activists. We pursue this mission through our Nuclear Safety, International Reform, Corporate Accountability, Food & Drug Safety, and Federal Employee/National Security programs. GAP is the nation's leading whistleblower protection organization.