Jake Johnson, staff writer
"AT&T has bent over backwards to help the U.S. government spy on essentially all internet traffic."
Andrea Germanos, staff writer
In 2017, the NSA tripled the amount of data it collected from U.S. phones. (Image EFF Photos/flickr/cc)
"Overall, the numbers show that the scale of warrantless surveillance is...
Sam Biddle, The Intercept
Classified documents provided by the whistleblower Edward Snowden show the NSA...


Privacy advocates kicked off a new anti-surveillance campaign in style by floating an airship reading "Illegal Spying Below" - complete with helpful arrow - over the NSA's massive data center in Utah. Dubbed "the maiden patrol of the first anti-surveillance activist air force," the flight marked the launch of Stand Against Spying , a project by Electronic Frontier Foundation, Greenpeace, the Tenth Amendment Center and 20 more groups that seeks to outlaw mass surveilance, reform the FISA court,...