Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Edward Snowden
The comment followed a new Justice Department filing that claims a whistleblower engaged in "thievery, not protected speech" when allegedly leaking classified information on the U.S. drone operations
Julia Conley, staff writer
The Justice Department filed suit the day Snowden's memoir Permanent Record was...
Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Edward Snowden
"Was it better for the United States? Did it benefit us? Or did it cause harm?...


In a real shocker, Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee say they “talked to everybody we feel we need to talk to” and found no evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign no siree Bob, zip, nada, time to go home and never mind the broad consensus by the intelligence community. A babbling Trump celebrated the very meaningful vindication with a TWITTER RANT because, it was noted, "Nothing screams innocence like using all caps."